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You were able to feel a bright light beams against your eyelids. You opened your eyes however needed to close your eyes once more due to the blinding light coming down on your body. You had a feeling as if the world came down on your shoulders. Your shoulders ached and your legs felt tired. You tried to place your shoulders anyway noticed you were unable to. What the hell? You had some probs but it seemed to be pointless coz it looked like someone tied you down.

You tried to put up your legs but you reached the same point with them. You tried to have a look down at them to see if they were tied to something. No worries they weren’t, but you felt as you’d been kidnapped or something. In fact you’re not kidnapped. You found yourself sitting on a hot beach paying attention to to the loud waves somewhere close to you. You were thinking whether you’re alone, but you’re not.

There seemed to be a young kitten with amazingly done hair and likewise nice tailored red dress. The vixen seemed to be an angel with her curly glimmering hair and deep brown eyes. The girl was the most glorious person on the whole world. You were not able to prevent yourself from staring at her beautiful body lines and face… but you were aware that this chick is just your desire… your perfect desire… And she is bound to fade away once you wake up in your flat. Anyway it does not have to be only your dream.

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